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Re: Lack of Tutorials

> Christian Reiniger wrote:
> > On Saturday 26 May 2001 16:34, Richard James wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > Note: some more topics are listed at
> > http://sunsite.dk/lgdc/static.php3?page=submit#topics
> > 
> > I'm thinking about writing some articles, but right now I'm doing a (much 
> > needed) revamp of the LGDC site code and I guess it's better to first 
> > finish that ASAP.
> > 

christian, what code needs to be revamped? I managed to finish up school
so I'm no longer under the burden of those 18 hour semesters plus a full
time job (just the burden of looking for a job, in addition to a few projects
like the freebsd nvidia driver). Maybe I should redirect my attention on the
sdk/api comparison thing that I'd forgotten about :)

> Yes and there are many more tutorials that can be done we just need to 
> find someone to do them. Unfortunatley my programming skills are not up 
> to scratch but I will look into some of the ones that don't require such 
> knowledge. I am also doing a section for complete newbies i.e. #1 in my 
> list of difficulties, but it is taking some time and requires a 
> considerable knowledge of computer game manufacture.

I'd be willing to work on tutorials, too. Right not my OpenGL capabilities are
somewhat limited by my current hw/driver status, but I'm fairly competent
at opengl and sdl (or so I like to fool myself into believing), and I'd be willing
to either write more one-shot article/tutorials, work with someone to write
something, or even do an article series, mebbe for a simple game.

> p.s. I didn't mean that YOU SHOULD DO THEM just that someone should do 
> them or at least try.

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