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fbsd stuff (was Re: Lack of Tutorials)

> WHAT?! NVIDIA driver for BSD? Is it free (as in speech)? Does it do 3D
> accel? Any chance of a NetBSD port? Are you REing the card?

fbsd nvidia driver. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. No.

> Sorry about all these questions. I purchased a Radeon card for the primary 
> reason of having free, open source Linux drivers available (which there
> weren't at the time I bought it). Progress on the Radeon drivers has been
> slow in most areas, and in some is actually losing ground (X 4.0.3 tends to
> freeze after some time). If NVIDIA has open source drivers, officially
> sanctioned or no, I may end up switching brands. :^) I run NetBSD as well as
> Linux (because FreeBSD doesn't want to cooperate with my l33t triple-boot
> system).

They were quite cooperative until we got to the point where the parts of the
proprietary driver needed to be adjusted to avoid linux quirks, like the ioctl
handling (linux forces the driver to handle the copyin/copyout, the bsd's do it
for you, so where nvidia punted and used bad ioctl names and forced it to work
in linux will not fly in *bsd. More info is at
http://fbsd-nvdriver.sourceforge.net, and I'm not incredibly confident that
things will shake out nicely anymore.

> Of course, I could be totally stupid and way off base here, in which case
> you may ignore me utterly.
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