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Re: Site revamp (was: Lack of Tutorials)


> > > christian, what code needs to be revamped? I managed to finish up
> Abstract: Basically it's a complete rewrite, but most of it is already=20
> done.
> Details: I took the LGDC code and completely rewrote it for a website I=20
> was paid for (http://www.kuernach.de/). It works fine, but now I need to=20
> (1) add some more features required by the LGDC site (categories, poll,=20
> discussion board, article series, resource database, ...) and (2) make it=
> =20
> use the LGDC design (modified) and content.
> It's been about 2 days since the fork from the kuernach.de codebase, so=20
> there's nothing presentable yet (still using the kuernach.de layout,=20
> content), but I'm proceeding quite nicely.

is it still the class layout that was in use? I'm not big on using classes, and
totally unfamiliar with php classes :/ (just know java, c++, and a little ruby and
goops... I favor functional approachs)


> That'd be really great. But please wait with the real implementation=20
> until I have something playable up & running (hopefully sometime the next=
> =20
> days (very ugly looking of course)).

ok, is the web dev mailing list still there? did I get booted from it? I haven't seen
anything there (or the artists list, or until recently this list) for a long time

> --=20
> Christian Reiniger

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