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Re: SVGALIB on Thinkpad

On Tue, May 14, 2002 at 12:57:05AM -0500, Steve Baker wrote:
> Jan Ekholm wrote:
> > >> Dunno - but SVGALIB is getting kind outdated - you should probably try
> > >> to avoid using it.
> > >
> > >Yes, but it works. Unlike SDL at the moment which still doesn't want
> > >to install...
> > 
> > I think that many/most people nowadays avoid SVGALIB games. I've seen it
> > lock my machine solid, so I'll never even consider trying such a game. A
> > SDL game on the other hand does not need to run fullscreen or do too many
> > dirty tricks. Of course this list is full of anti-SDL people too, so
> > you'll probably hear a lot against SDL too. :)
> It's not even that your choice is "SDL or SVGALIB" - it's more a case
> of SVGALIB versus ANY Xfree86 wrapper library.  There are dozens of
> them.
> There are some significant problems with SDL - but it's increasingly
> becoming a standard so if your machine won't run it, you are shutting
> yourself out of an awful lot of good software.  It's worth the effort to
> get it going.

SDL stuff runs, it's the development kit - it includes some shell
scripts to generate paths to include into makefiles. Those shell
scripts produce null outputs.

(Which I think is /broken/ behaviour on whole number of fronts)

Personally, I want to write a game. Someone else (Possibly a future
me) can port this thing to something else when I'm done. Given that I
have a couple of days off, I can either spend a couple of days faffing
with getting SDL to install or a couple of days writing game code...

<evil cackle> And I'm scripting it in TCL..