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Re: SVGALIB on Thinkpad

Katie Lucas wrote:

> Personally, I want to write a game. Someone else (Possibly a future
> me) can port this thing to something else when I'm done. Given that I
> have a couple of days off, I can either spend a couple of days faffing
> with getting SDL to install or a couple of days writing game code...

...or a couple of days trying to get svgalib to work.

Remember - this thread started with a complaint that svgalib *didn't*
work on your ThinkPad - not a complaint that SDL didn't work.

Probably, if you'd asked how to get SDL running, you'd have gotten a
lot of help from experienced SDL Guru's - instead you've had no help
whatever on your svgalib problem and you are steadfastly ignoring the
only piece of advice everyone has to offer.

Which was the best use of your time?
> <evil cackle> And I'm scripting it in TCL..

Oooohhh - No.  You don't catch us out that easily.  :-)

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