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Announcing Crystal Space Contest

Introduction: Crystal Space is an Open Source 3D Engine for
Linux, Windows, OS/2, MacOS/X, ...
url: http://crystal.sf.net

Recently Crystal Space got a grant of $1000 from LinuxFund.org.
It has now been decided what to do with the money (USD $1000). We will
declare a contest. Here are the rules:

1. The deadline for the contest is August the first of 2002.
   Entries should be mailed to me (jorrit.tyberghein@uz.kuleuven.ac.be)
   BEFORE that date.

2. The contest is about writing a game, demo, or useful tool
   for Crystal Space using the Crystal Space framework.

3. It is recommended that the source code of this contest
   entry is not more than 5000 lines. Blocks is 4500 lines
   and csdemo is 3653 lines so this should be possible :-)

4. If the contest entry needs additional data (textures,
   map file, sounds, ...) it is recommended that the total
   amount of data does not exceed 10Megs (compressed).

5. The source code of this contest entry must be released
   under an OSI approved Open Source license. You can
   find a list at:

6. The following CS versions are legal for creation of this
   contest entry:
        0.96 (if that gets released before August).
   If you use cvs the only requirement is that it works with
   the cvs version of CS on July 15 (two weeks before the
   deadline). So you have two options here: use cvs and
   update regularly, or download a snapshot now and then
   download again at July 15 to see if your code still works.

7. Judges are not allowed to the contest. All other people
   are allowed.

8. The judges will be top CS contributors (probably
   me, Philip Wyett, perhaps Eric Sunshine, Wouter
   Wijngaards, Norman Kramer, ...). This list still has
   to be decided.

9. Every contest entry will be judged based on code
   quality and depending on the type of entry, playability,
   demo value, or usefulness.

10. All entries that will be sent to us will be made available
   on the CS website. With full source.

11. Including binaries is not required but a nice touch.

12. Making sure the contest entry is portable (at least
   linux and windows) is a good point in your favor.

13. And finally: the prizes are (in USD):
        $500 for first place
        $250 for second place
        $200 for third place

Greetings and good luck!

Jorrit.Tyberghein@uz.kuleuven.ac.be, University Hospitals KU Leuven BELGIUM

- "So we're surrounded by absolutely nothing. There's a word for it. It's
   what you get when there's nothing left and everything's been used up."
- "Yes. I think it's called the bill."
        -- (Terry Pratchett, Eric)