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Jan Ekholm wrote:
> Being the lazy and ignorant bstrd that I am I rather ask here than do some
> Are there any nice samples for Plib that would show how the scene graph
> works, especially for simplistic terrain rendering with some silly
> billboarded trees on it?

There are three sources of this kind of thing.

* The 'examples' tarball on plib.sf.net has a bunch of simple examples
  that each do one relatively small thing (check out 'majik' which has some

* The 'demos' tarball (also on plib.sf.net) has some more complex and
  complete programs.

* Since this is OpenSource terratory, there are quite a few complete games
  you can check out as a source of plibbery.  tuxaqfh.sf.net and tuxkart.sf.net
  are mine - they are quite simple (as these things go).  If you want something
  *REALLY* complex - check out FlightGear (www.flightgear.org).

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