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"Miguel A. Osorio" wrote:
> "Adam D. Moss" wrote:
> >
> > Hi!
> >
> > How is the linux driver support for 3D textures -- are
> > they 'correct' and typically accelerated?
> >
>         Hum, I'm currently using 3D textures with OpenGL in Linux at work, and
> it works fine. I believe it works through extensions, though. Oh, of
> course, I must mention I use GeForce2s and GeForce3s :)

3D texture is a mandatory feature in OpenGL 1.3 - and all current Linux drivers
are at the 1.3 level.  Hence you *should* be able to use 3D textures on any
graphics card that's Linux-supported without having to resort to special

However, I doubt that any of the Mesa-supported cards can do it in hardware
so it'll be S-L-O-W.

The GeForce-3 and -4 support 3D textures in hardware...I'm not sure about
the GeForce-256 and GeForce-2 though...maybe they do - I'm just not *sure*.

So - if you need *fast* 3D textures under Linux, you *NEED* a GeForce card
(and you should check the feature is in hardward on the particular card you

If you need 3D textures - but aren't concerned about speed - then any *current*
Linux driver should do it...in software if necessary.

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