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Re: Announcement date

> Christian Reiniger <warewolf@mayn.de> writes:

> Ok,
> There haven't been many comments about the site, so I assume it's ok. 

Sorry, I haven't had the time to keep up with the list, but I do have a
couple of minor requests for the site.  Except for the first one, none
of the rest of them would need to be fixed before announcing it.

* Although the purpose of the site is clearly to help Developers write
  games for Linux, we don't want to scare away people who want to write
  really good Win32 games that are portABLE to Linux.

  I guess I'm asking for a slightly more cross-platform spin to the
  opening web page.  I just don't want to see cross-platform developers
  turned off because they think they're not going to find anything
  useful for writing non-Linux (i.e. cross-platform) games.

* It would be nice if the left-hand Table of Contents column could
  expand as you move down the webpage tree (similar to the GIMP
  website).  It would help me keep track of where I am and roughly how I
  got there in an intuitive manner.  It would also help me navigate to
  the next section (e.g. from "Platform dependent libs" under "Available
  Tools" to "Low Level Platform Independent Libraries/APIs" to "Higher
  Level Platform Independent Libraries/APIs", and so on).

* Add SciTech's MGL to the "Others" section of "Low Level Platform
  Independent Libraries/APIs" when you get the chance:


Other than these nits, and the wish for more actual content ... I have
to say that I think the site looks terrific!

Charles Durst          .------------------------------------------------.
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