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Re: Announcement date

Charles Durst wrote:

>> There haven't been many comments about the site, so I assume it's ok. 
>Sorry, I haven't had the time to keep up with the list, but I do have a
>couple of minor requests for the site.  Except for the first one, none
>of the rest of them would need to be fixed before announcing it.
>* Although the purpose of the site is clearly to help Developers write
>  games for Linux, we don't want to scare away people who want to write
>  really good Win32 games that are portABLE to Linux.

Excellent point. Thanks for the reminder.

I changed the title paragraph ("This site aspires..") to include a hint
about portable development and added a more verbose note to the "Notes"

>  I guess I'm asking for a slightly more cross-platform spin to the
>  opening web page.  I just don't want to see cross-platform developers
>  turned off because they think they're not going to find anything
>  useful for writing non-Linux (i.e. cross-platform) games.

>* It would be nice if the left-hand Table of Contents column could
>  expand as you move down the webpage tree (similar to the GIMP

Good idea. But we should delay this until the site is somewhat more dynamic
(SSI/Perl/whatever) as it's quite tedious and error-prone to modify that
side bar right now...

>* Add SciTech's MGL to the "Others" section of "Low Level Platform
>  Independent Libraries/APIs" when you get the chance:
>    http://www.scitechsoft.com/dp_mgl.html



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