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Re: How to best get smooth scrolling in X?

Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:

> Subject should be easy, but is it? The requirements are no stuttering and 
> no flashing. Is it possible? (Think a newsticker for this question; just 
> scrolling a piece of text or an image, across an X window.
> SDL does not give me a real doublebuffer. Does OpenGL work correctly in 
> software mode or do I need hardware support? Other options? CGI? Xlib 
> (shuffer)?

I don't think you get hardware double-buffering in Software-only-Mesa
- but hardware double-buffering works well with most (if not all)
of the 3D accellerators out there.

> This was _really_ easy to do with svgalib. Not so with X?

Well, the trouble is that in X, you don't have the whole screen
to yourself - other programs may also want to be doing 
double-buffering and without hardware support for per-window
double-buffering, you are doomed.
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