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Re: c code vs c++ code

On Tuesday 26 November 2002 10:42 am, you wrote:
> Compared to banks, they need to be better: buggy games can ruin a games
> company or individual reputations but with banks it's a case of "oh, has
> it buggered up again? Okay, get some of the keyboard monkeys to re-enter
> the data". Customers rarely see what happens, and when they do it is
> explained away. One of my brothers works for a bank and some of the
> things that go on are truly shocking, most of it related to the software
> they have to use. Software that looks like it was designed and written
> by someone who failed a GCSE IT course.

Um, no.

With banks, it's more a case of "HOLY SHIT! That decimal point in the wrong 
place jsut cost us $5 million!", or "SHIT! This outage is costing us $5,000 a 
second. FIX IT NOW!".

Quite frankly, the reputation of an individual or single company is 
meaningless when the well-being of millions of individuals and companies is 
at risk.