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Suggestion For Links Page

There is a section in your links page mentioning Programming Tools..

Why not add RHIDE to that section?

It is a GREAT product and it is very similar to Boland C 3.1 IDE.
In fact, it can be used as an ide for C, PASCAL, ASM, etc...

it's homepage is http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/~sho/rho/rhide.html
and here is the FreshMeat APPINDEX...

"  RHIDE is an Integrated Development Enviroment (IDE).  "
"  Main features compilation of your programs without    "
"  knowing of the exact commandline syntax of gcc,       "
"  collect your source files to belong to a project,     "
"  where the source files compiled only when needed,     "
"  syntax is highlighted for C/C++ source files (and     "
"  headers), for Pascal source files and various         "
"  languages, an integrated debugger, and high           "
"  customizability,                                      "

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