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RE: Best API?

> Hehehe, you should have seen Remtris 1, this was *nothing* like Quadra!
> Basically, the only idea that comes from Remtris 1 itself is the
> "gravity" (what causes chain reactions). It was ugly, slow, flicked, and
> sucked abundantly.

> But it was a lot of fun nonetheless! :-)

I do love little home made flicking efforts! Nothing funnier than actually
getting a group of people taking the mickey out of your efforts for the four
hours they're sat around playing it! :-)

BTW where are you games available?! I'm curious now...

> Yes, SDL is very nice and quite fast. Clanlib is also nice, but I find
> SDL more to the point, where Clanlib tries more to be a grand scheme of
> things (which isn't bad neither). Big point is that SDL is in C and
> Clanlib in C++. Clanlib can thus only be used in C++ (maybe you could
> write a C wrapper for it), where SDL can be used in both C and C++, but
> a C++ hacker might not like having to use a C API in his C++ programs...
> :-)

Well, I looked at both yesterday, and I need to learn a bit of C++ so I
think I might plump for Clanlib as I like the parralax offered by the
surfaces and alpha blending could be used for some real nice effects...

Thank you all for your help in this matter. See you in about 6 months when
I've done something!