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Re: Texture mapping

Am Sam, 30 Okt 1999 hast Du wahrscheinlich geschrieben:
>I was wondering if any of you know of some good (free) utilities for
>mapping a bitmap image onto an object. I know of products such as Alias
>Wavefront and SurfaceStudio from sven-tech, but are there no free
>offerings? I've downloaded Blender for linux, but it's certainly not
>very intuitive to use - in fact it drives me insane - but of course I
>haven't attempted to read the manual yet. Is blender a useful tool for
>applying textures to objects?

Yes, Blender is one of the very good products like this.
There are currently NO 3D products that don´t drive you crazy (i know
of), but they are worth working with them. For Blender you NEED the
manual, then you can do a lot of things with it.  Something different
would be PovRay, which is somehow a programming language.

Try to look at www.linuxfocus.org, there are some tutorials about 3D

>What I seek is an interactive utility that will help me determine
>texture coordinates. Then I'd like that tool to be able to export the
>results in .obj (Alias Wavefront format).
Sorry, I don´t know Wavefront yet. Is it running on Linux yet? (Where
can I get it?)

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