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Re: Texture mapping

"Philipp Gühring" wrote:

> >I was wondering if any of you know of some good (free) utilities for
> >mapping a bitmap image onto an object. I know of products such as Alias
> >Wavefront and SurfaceStudio from sven-tech, but are there no free
> >offerings? I've downloaded Blender for linux, but it's certainly not
> >very intuitive to use - in fact it drives me insane - but of course I
> >haven't attempted to read the manual yet. Is blender a useful tool for
> >applying textures to objects?
> Yes, Blender is one of the very good products like this.

...but 50% of the population find it so unbearably *weird* that
they never manage to learn it well enough to find it useful.

Check out 'AC3D' - it's a $40 shareware - but the demo version
may do enough to keep you happy.

> There are currently NO 3D products that don´t drive you crazy (i know
> of), but they are worth working with them.

Seconded.  AC3D sometimes drives me crazy too.  It was good enough to
get my Tux game together - but it's a pain to use sometimes.

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