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Re: Texture mapping

Steve Baker wrote:
> > Yes, Blender is one of the very good products like this.
> ....but 50% of the population find it so unbearably *weird* that
> they never manage to learn it well enough to find it useful.

I'm glad to hear it's not only me! :-)

> Check out 'AC3D' - it's a $40 shareware - but the demo version
> may do enough to keep you happy.

Ahh, the user interface is far more pleasing [for a newbie at least!]

If played a bit around with the example models that are available at the
ac3d site, and I've successfully added textures to them, however it
seems the textures can be applied in three ways only, ie. front, side
and plan. Is there no way to interactively change the texture
coordinates per vertex?

Thanks for the help,


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