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Re: Simple modeller

On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, Steve Baker wrote:

>Jan Ekholm wrote:
>> What suggestions for *simple* modellers do you guys and girls have?
>AC3D - very simple, easy to use. Not OpenSource, costs $40.
>Blender - 'quirky' user interfact, some people *love* it, others
>           (me included) find it to be so horrible as to be quite
>           literally unusable.  This has *just* become OpenSource
>           freeware.  Quite complex.

Yeah, Blender could be ok, if the UI designers hadn't been too high on
caffeine or something. :) Once you spend a few weeks with it I think
you'll appreciate Blender's interface, but during my first hours with it I
didn't even find the "File" menu. 

>All of the others seem poorly designed or not well oriented to doing
>just simple polygons.
>> Any comments? AC3D is far too complex...
>!!!! WHAT?!?!
>It's by far the simplest modeller I've ever encountered!
>> ...and I haven't managed to even place
>> out a triangle in any of the free ones (Vertex, QCad, others) that I've
>> tested. 
>> Bells'n'whistles are for pros, I want to define a few fåkking tanks and a
>> silly house or two. I don't need bells nor whistles.
>I suggest you try again with AC3D - it's simple enough that my 11 year old
>kid picked it up in an hour or so and was building simple stuff such as
>you suggest.

Hey, kids today are smart. I'm fast approaching dinosaur age, I can't
learn new stuff anymore.

But if you do think an idiot like me could actually learn AC3D I'll give
it a chance. The 40$ is no problem, good software is allowed to cost

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