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Re: Pingus

Francesco Orsenigo, Xarvh Project wrote:
> I downloaded Pingus from CVS.
> Pingus needs ClanLib.
> ClanLib needs Hermes.
> Hermes needs automake >= 1.5b (I have 1.4 p6)

Then that's a "bug" in the Hermes release procedure.

No released package should need automake - that's something
that only the developers should need to use.  The distribution
should have all the outputs from automake present in the tarball.
(Ditto for autoconf and all the other 'auto' suite.)

Complain to the Hermes developers.

Personally, I think Hermes should have been a part of ClanLib (or

All ClanLib packages need Hermes - and MOST packages that use
Hermes also use ClanLib.  At the very least, nobody would suffer from
depending on a hybrid HermesClanLib bundle.

The only downside is that the ClanLib developers and the Hermes
developers would have to agree to release new versions both libraries
at the same time.

Bundling related libraries into a single distribution is an important
trick for easing the end-user installation workload.

That's why my PLIB library is actually a bundle of six more or less
independent sub-libraries that are distributed together.  One-stop

I *really* wish SDL would learn this lesson.

> See why i hate libraries?

Yes.  I'm fanatical about minimising the number of library dependancies
and specific-library-version-dependancy in my software.

My games need the PLIB library - plus GLUT and OpenGL (which should
already be installed if you have 3D hardware).

I'm seriously considering rolling enough of 'freeglut' into PLIB to
eliminate the GLUT dependancy too.
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