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Re: Anyone on this list?

Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:
> J. Perkins wrote:
>>> I just want to take CS as an example for now: It is a *very* active 
>>> project by now, has become a fully featured graphics engine one or 
>>> two years ago already and is still increasing in quality. When 
>>> version 1.0 will be released I'm sure it'll be among the best 
>>> commecial engines you can get - but only for graphics and maybe 
>>> sound. No networking, no multithreading. But it's the best LGPL'ed 
>>> candidate out there.
>> Actually, I'd say the Nebula Device is probably a bit better overall,
>> and certainly just as actively developed. But they are both quite good.
> Is the Nebula Device LGPL? From what I see on 
> http://sf.net/projects/nebuladevice
> it seems they are using some other license:
> #  License: Other/Proprietary License
> On their home page I cannot find any license information.

It's BSD actually. And as far as I can tell The Nebula Device is in a 
poorer state than CS. I've tried to dig into it, but it got the flair of 
a in-house-development that was never meant for a release. Building the 
engine isn't simple because the process is adopted to their in-house 
procedures as it seems. Docs are quite poor. And there's no support. I 
once wrote the developers an email because there was an obvious bug in 
one of the TCL build scripts I couldn't dig into myself. They never 

Support is better for CS. I've subscribed to the CsMain mailing list and 
get burried by dozens of emails a day since then. And, Jorrit, how do 
you manage to write so many posts and code so much at the same time? You 
still got your daytime job? ;)

> Also I think Nebula Device only works on Linux and Windows. If you also 
> plan
> to target MacOS/X and other operating systems then Crystal Space might be
> better.

Correct. What became of the SPARC port of CS?

> Note that I'm a bit biased as the project manager of Crystal Space, so 
> take my opinions
> with a mountain of salt :-)

You've written nothing I can't agree with.