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Re: Detecting Seg faults

Francesco Orsenigo wrote:

This leads me to suppose that some part of the code writes something it should not write and this is detected only when memory is allocated (the seg fault appears even if a quit from the game beyond a certain point, due to a call to free() i suppose).

How can i find the point where the bad dereference happens, if the program is not crashing there?
Have you tried running it with 'valgrind' ?

Is there a way to force a more strict memory check?
Yes - do a 'man malloc' and you'll see there is a shell variable:


(Note trailing underscore) which forces more careful checking in malloc/free.

I don't know how to use debugging, but it seems that it can't help track something happening far away from the fault, or am i wrong?
Yeah - it's one of the hardest things to find.

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