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Re: database (was archive ?!)

On 15-Sep-99 Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
> Erik <br0ke@math.smsu.edu> writes:
>> That'd be pretty cool. Like a searchable database so if someone wanted to
>> know
>> something about, say, quaternions, it could pull up links to articles about
>> quaternions, tutorials, demo code, [...]
> I don't thought about a simple searchable database of articles, but
> instead of a list of projects which needs help, requested articles,
> programmers which had some time to spend, etc.
> So for example if you have a game and need some help with the
> graphics, you would post a request to the database and then if their
> is a artist with some spare time he could search throu the database
> for projects which needs help. It would be especially interessting to
> have a database of special tasks, for example if a project is working
> good, but needs some help with the FHS compliance, porting to a
> big/little endian machine, etc.
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Yeah, I was thinking of having both existing articles, as well as a db to
communicate needs and requests. Mebbe if it was several databases, one for each
section? then utilities to view all databases, selected databases, search thru
selected databases (one, all, groups? *shrug* something a bit more configurable
than htdig I think?). Articles, tutorials, and code samples could be stored in
special format so if a person wants to see it normally, it pops it up like it
does now, if they want a printable form, it's white background with black text,
if they want syntax highlighted code or printable code or code in the original
compilable format... The set of db's where ppl request help or articles or
stake their claim to an article or tutorial would need some user handling, so
when I say I need gfx or I want to write this article, the db knows it's me.
That'd probably have to be handled with cookies, like slashdot and wwwthreads
(like at forums.linuxgames.com). 

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