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Re: Centralized Linux announcements/news list?

Ok, I've heard from all three of you on this issue. Christopher
brought up the idea of a distributed news network (kind of like
usenet) API, so news could be easily shared between nodes. Somebody
else recommended this to me as well, and it sounds like a sound idea.

Scoop suggested a centralized mysql database, where each news site
could take news-chunks from it and display them however they wanted.
This would probably be easier to implement.

There are good points and bad points of each of these. Dave recommended
that a mailing list to discuss them would be a good idea, so I think we
should make one.

Dave and scoop both offered to make the list, and seul would be
willing to as well. I'm hesitant to put it on a news server, in
case it becomes political later (ugh).

But in any case, I should announce the list to people. Which people
should I tell? Given that most of the people I initially mailed
didn't get back to me, is it rude for me to mail them all again?
(It would be just one more time, of course, and then there would be
a mailing list that they could get on or not. I'd probably mostly bcc
this time to save them the headers that they already know.) How much
publicity do we really want on this yet? (until we have more of the
details worked out, that is.)