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or-dev mailing list migration February 19, 2011

Hello or-dev subscribers,

On February 19, 2011, we are migrating or-dev from or-dev@xxxxxxxx to
tor-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  We will migrate your e-mail address's
subscription to the new list. You will receive a confirmation from the
new mailing list software on the 19th.

Current or-dev archives will be migrated.  Roger plans to leave the
current archives in place at seul.org as well.

We're using this migration to spread administration out to Tor's
sysadmin team rather than making Roger do everything himself.  The
secondary benefits of having the lists on the torproject.org domain
include SSL-enabled login, archives, and easier account management.

You can subscribe to the new list at

I will send out a reminder on the day of the migration.

Please e-mail tor-assistants@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx with any questions.

Thank you.

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