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Re: Bug: Expiring a dns resolve that's still pending. Forgot to cull it?

Hi Roger,

The tagline still doesn't say, but I ran the overnight CVS
and collected the debug log (22M, compressed via gzip to < 2M)
and also collected a gdb bt full crash output.

debug log is at: http://yancm.freeshell.org/debug.log.gz
gdb bt full is at: http://yancm.freeshell.org/torbt.txt

Any feedback/suggestions appreciated.


> Hi Roger,
> I just saw a bunch of CVS changes, but I'll wait until later
> tonight to install and relaunch.
> Since you don't think you have fixed it, I'll wager it didn't
> go away by itself...I'll do a loglevel capture, compress that
> and put the link on my website and send the link to you and Nick.
> Though since it's just a link, it probably wouldn't hurt to send
> it to the list...
> Unfortunately the crash interval (if it actually crashes -
> sometimes it just hangs) is rather random, but maybe we'll get lucky!
> Thanks,
> gene
>> Hi Gene,
>> Thanks for keeping at this. We don't know what your bug is yet. :)
>> Has anybody else been experiencing the problems Gene describes?
>> The release (coming out later today) will have more debugging
>> info. If this bug appears pretty quickly for you, Gene, could you run
>> Tor
>> at loglevel debug and send us (just us, not the whole list) the output?
>> That will give us more to go on. But there is still something really
>> weird going on.
>> Thanks,
>> --Roger