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Re: Bug: Expiring a dns resolve that's still pending. Forgot to cull it?

On Wed, Apr 27, 2005 at 04:58:40PM -0000, yancm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> The tagline still doesn't say, but I ran the overnight CVS
> and collected the debug log (22M, compressed via gzip to < 2M)
> and also collected a gdb bt full crash output.

Hi Gene,

It looks like you're collecting a debug-debug log. That is, it contains
no higher-severity log messages. This is not very useful to me. :)

Can you try with a line like
"log debug file debug-log"?
It probably can't hurt to do another cvs update first too.

Also, please try to avoid posting debug logs to the list (or even urls
to them), since they may contain sensitive information, and we don't
want to get in the habit of throwing that around.