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Weird behavior of my server

Hi all,

Okay I just registered my TOR server (nickname: Anti1984, it's running
on my home PC). However, I'm still confused about something:
When I have the Dirport enabled, the server consumes sometimes the max
upload bandwith I have which affects VoIP for example. From what I read
in the documentation, "BandwidthRate" only limits the incoming traffic
so apparently I can't limit the upload bandwith for the server (?) (FAQ
Wiki 5.17 quote " It only looks at incoming bytes, not outgoing so maybe
you should disable DirPort.").
Okay, so I disable my DirPort (and in general, I don't know how much
bandwith a server should have/offer the least for enabling the Dirport)
and now I hardly see any traffic (if any, it's less than 2 kb/s or so)
and the Tor Network Status website shows my server with something
between 2000 and 6000 bytes/s only.

First I thought it's because TOR will route the users to faster servers
first and only relying on the slower ones if necessary. But then I
thought "browsing with TOR is significantly slower, that might or might
not mean there is are more users than bandwith available". In case
that's true, then TOR would have to use my server for routing, too.
Apparently, this might not be the case.

So anything I oversaw in the documentation?


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