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Re: Weird behavior of my server

Peter Palfrader schrieb:
> It will take a while before your Tor node gets traffic.  If you restart
> it every few minutes or hours clients will not turst your server much
> and avoid it.
Yeah, that's a big issue. Due to that WSAENOBUFS I'm forced to restart
it quite often. :/ Today, I read about the error in more detail and I
guess, until that bug is fixed I will consider using my VMWare-Ubuntu
(pretty nice to use in Windows if you got not much clue about Linux,
works like a player setting up an image file, really recommendable). I
just don't have much clue about Linux yet but hopefully the installation
guide will take care of every question. ;)
By the way, what would you guys recommend for using or not using the
DirPort? Meaning, how much bandwidth should a server have that it's
recommended to also have the DirPort enabled? Since the Bandwidthrate
option will only limit the incoming traffic my server will probably
consume up to max bandwidth (which is about 47 kb/s)... however, I do
need bandwidth for myself for VoIP etc, so should I enable the DirPort
with that little bandwidth or leave it to the bigger servers?
>> First I thought it's because TOR will route the users to faster servers
> It's Tor, not TOR.
Okay, okay, it's the mighty Tor the God of thunder. ;) j/k

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