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Re: Weird behavior of my server


Can anyone help me with getting this set up? I'm a linux newbie and the
commands such as "deb" described in the linux setup tor guide don't seem
to work in my Ubuntu breezy 5.10 vmware image.
Using apt-get install tor says something like (translated from German):
"couldn't open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13 no
can't get a lock on list directory"


Landorin schrieb:
> Peter Palfrader schrieb:
>> It will take a while before your Tor node gets traffic.  If you restart
>> it every few minutes or hours clients will not turst your server much
>> and avoid it.
> Yeah, that's a big issue. Due to that WSAENOBUFS I'm forced to restart
> it quite often. :/ Today, I read about the error in more detail and I
> guess, until that bug is fixed I will consider using my VMWare-Ubuntu
> (pretty nice to use in Windows if you got not much clue about Linux,
> works like a player setting up an image file, really recommendable).

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