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Re: HttpProxy

On Sun, Apr 22, 2007 at 09:33:26PM -0700, scar wrote:
> reading this has caused me to question my setting
>__AllDirActionsPrivate, and i see this option is not even in the
>man page.  should i be using HttpProxy, or some other setting?  or,
>is __AllDirActionsPrivate still valid?  using  thanks.

Depends what you're using it for.

__AllDirActionsPrivate was put in so controllers could set it if they are
solving bootstrapping on their own, e.g. by importing server descriptors
from some alternate directory service. It's not in the man page, and
not supported for normal users, because it's easy to get into a state
where your Tor stops working -- if you can't build a circuit, then you
can't get any more directory info and you're stuck.

Feel free to use it though if you want.

Whether you should be using HttpProxy or something else, I have no idea.
Depends what you're trying to do. :)