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Re: Example hidden service issue

On Mon, Apr 23, 2007 at 07:41:13PM +0100, Mike Cardwell wrote:
> >Yes, you're absolutely right. Oops. Thanks for pointing it out.
> *snip option two*
> Just a reminder as it's been a few weeks since this discussion. The 
> "bad" hidden service instructions are still up in the online 
> documentation. I left option one above as I think that should be the 
> option used, at least in the short term until someone gets around to 
> writing some more extensive documentation.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the kick. This has been moving up my todo list, but I just
jumped it to the top and finished it:


Folks, please let me know if this new page is intelligible and
also if it fixes all the issues we've raised.