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Re: Example hidden service issue

Roger Dingledine wrote:

Wont that give google a map of Real IP -> Hidden service name?
Yes, you're absolutely right. Oops. Thanks for pointing it out.

I originally split the setup instructions into two steps because
people had a lot of trouble distinguishing whether they had screwed up
editing their torrc or had screwed up setting up their webserver. It's
doubly tricky because we're trying to be platform independent in the

One option is to remove step one. This will cause more people to get
confused and send us angry mail that our instructions are too hard.

*snip option two*

Just a reminder as it's been a few weeks since this discussion. The "bad" hidden service instructions are still up in the online documentation. I left option one above as I think that should be the option used, at least in the short term until someone gets around to writing some more extensive documentation.