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Re: Example hidden service issue

Roger Dingledine wrote:

Yes, you're absolutely right. Oops. Thanks for pointing it out.
*snip option two*
Just a reminder as it's been a few weeks since this discussion. The "bad" hidden service instructions are still up in the online documentation. I left option one above as I think that should be the option used, at least in the short term until someone gets around to writing some more extensive documentation.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the kick. This has been moving up my todo list, but I just
jumped it to the top and finished it:

Thanks. I was just checking it hadn't been forgotten :)


Folks, please let me know if this new page is intelligible and
also if it fixes all the issues we've raised.

It fixes the issue I raised. It all makes sense to me and is clear to follow, but then I'm speaking as someone that already understood how to do it... Regardless, complicated yet safe documentation is preferable to simple yet unsafe documentation.