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zero-knowledge protocols

Would it make sense, be feasible to add some zero-knowledge
protocol to tor?

I mean, with the customary alibi of needing to [good, who says not?] track the
pedophile, chase the cyber-pirate, the *terrorist* or whoever is designated
as nasty depending from ... how to say?, the *seasonal fluctuations* of the
news or the *gaffes* [read: too many sex-, and not, scandals hitting VIPs
and administrations at a given time, too many cases of *synthetic terrorism*
showing within another interval, etc.], maybe with such a protocol added to
tor, for *internal* use, the threshold for seizing a hard disk to seek the
ENTIRE set of data just because A COUPLE of *bad apples* MIGHT be hiding
inside could be heightened, who knows.

I am not sardonic, I am saying: let the *investigators* give the chance to
prove that they really are behind something and legally [plus, *noblesse
oblige* and as an incentive, conditionally: too many many *mistakes*
within a dt => some remedies on the other side to be taken] query via some
zero-knowledge protocol a tor server.

Could tor profit from having some zero-knowledge protocol [or an adaptation
of it] included? Because ... we have to admit, the medium-/long term [I would
also say: short term already] political perspectives are NOT good.

I recommend reading

    USA: de l'etat d'urgence a l'etat d'exception permanent
    par Jean-Claude Paye ^1


    29 mars 2008, depuis Bruxelles/Belgique

to those who can read French.

/Roy Lanek

     1. [J]ean-Claude Paye est sociologue. Derniers ouvrages publies: La Fin
de l'Etat de droit, La Dispute 2004; Global War on Liberty, Telos Press 2007.
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