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Re: zero-knowledge protocols

I see one major problem with this: "legal" is a
constnantly changing, and quite widely interpreted,
definition. I see your point in tracking down
pedophiles and crackers, but what about those people
who use TOR to deliver sensitive information to the
world? So sensitive that it'd be considered treason by
the one or the other government? Tracking down the
leakers would be completelly leagal, if I'm not wrong
then in atleast some countries it's also legal to
execute them for this, but is that really something we
Are abusers really such a big problem? I see projects
like Wikileaks which show that TOR is put on use for
good, but I've yet hear that a verified claim that TOR
was used by some pedophile.

Personally I find, that if there's a possibility then
there will sooner or later be someone who'll take
advantage of it. Even if it's not neccessary or
allowed or, even, moral.

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