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Re: zero-knowledge protocols

CyberRax schrieb:
Are abusers really such a big problem? I see projects
like Wikileaks which show that TOR is put on use for
good, but I've yet hear that a verified claim that TOR
was used by some pedophile.
That I could give you by the dozens. Just read between the lines every time a news service reports of another pedophile network being torn apart - there's always some part suggesting there were at least some people who were smart enough to hide their traces and therefore got away. And it shouldn't surprise any one of us. Where there's possibility, there will always be someone abusing it.

But I still believe the vast majority of tor users is using tor for legitimate purposes (like those you cited - purposes tor was intented to serve); therefore protecting their privacy as best as we can is to be made a priority, even over preventing abuse of tor by allowing outside control. As has been pointed out on this list before, it would be very hard to draw a new line once the current has been crossed. Plus, and that's something I've been wanting to point out for some time: tor is only of very limited use to someone wishing to regularly transmit more than just a few kilobytes, since it tends to be quite slow. So while I still believe there are people abusing tor, I don't think they're that many. Most internet users today have been spoiled into prefering speed over security.