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Re: getting more exit nodes

Roger Dingledine schrieb:
- Related to load balancing: how much additional latency are we talking
  about, from adding a fourth hop to the circuit? Because it would seem
  that you need four hops, since the "relay to client-exit" hop isn't
  adding much additional anonymity. (Or is it?)
I believe this to be the most interesting question... since the user does not know his connection will be relayed via a client-exit, there will only be encryption up until the last relay (the one advertising itself as an exit). Therefore, even if you re-encrypt the data for transfer to the client-exit, it will now be *two* hops being able to read the user's traffic in cleartext. I don't think that's an improvement... I'd even go as far as saying it's the exact opposite of what we want.

Plus, having the last relay re-encrypt the connection will add additional CPU and RAM load, which IMHO is not a good idea.