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Re: getting more exit nodes


On Apr 20, 2008, at 1:32 PM, Alexander Bernauer wrote:
The basic idea is to develop a browser plugin which while active turns
the computer into both an Tor client and a Tor exit node. The target
group is a Windows XP or Vista user with almost no technical skills but
fear of pop-ups asking strange things. We are experienced in providing
and promoting security software to them [2] and we beliefe that this
solution will be accepted and widely used.

I don't think a browser plugin is a good choice for an application that can act as a Tor exit node. Please note how long it takes for a Tor node to be used by clients, and how often Users close their browsers. I think this will produce a huge amount of overhead when such nodes are sending their descriptors and others will try to use them a few hours later, when they have been shut down again.

There is another reason why I think a browser plugin is ill suited: In my opinion, users want browser plugins for a specific purpose, for example play a movie or block Flash. They don't want a plugin that does arbitrary things they don't quite understand.

If you find a good solution for how to make use of Tor relays behind restrictive firewalls, that'd be most awesome, but I think such an approach should be included in the Tor software.

Note that currently, any relay must be able to connect to any other relay.