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Re: getting more exit nodes

Michael Rogers schrieb:
Alexander Bernauer wrote:
The basic idea is to develop a browser plugin which while active turns
the computer into both an Tor client and a Tor exit node. The target
group is a Windows XP or Vista user with almost no technical skills but
fear of pop-ups asking strange things.
Are you sure it's a good idea to encourage non-technical users, who might not understand the legal risks, to run exit nodes?

This an important point. If there is a software, which establishs a
Tor router on a computer without _informed_ consent of the admin,
we're getting close to botnets. Something like that could severely
hurt Tor's repution. It is really important for people to know
beforehand what Tor (basically) does and what major legal risks it may
pose in their jurisdiction. That might even go as far as a risk for
their life.