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Re: getting more exit nodes

Alexander Bernauer schrieb:

Please note how long it takes for a Tor node to be used by clients,
How long is that? Are there any statistics about that?
AFAIK the minimum is about 2-3 hours until a router descriptor is
properly distributed through the directory mirrors and clients.

I think this will produce a huge amount of overhead when such nodes are sending their descriptors and others will try to use them a few hours later, when they have been shut down again.
This problem exists as soon as end-user's computers become Tor nodes. How is this solved currently? Are all Tor nodes servers with
high uptimes?
I think, any routers with uptimes less then 4-6 hours will be more or
less useless for the network and rather tend to produce more traffic
for distributing the router descriptor than relay for clients. But I
am no expert for this kind of question.
Not all Tor nodes have high uptimes. The uptime is only interesting
for routers. Each router descriptor has a flag ("stable") in its
descriptor, which is set for routers with a certain minimum uptime and
 availability. In many circuits, stable routers are preferred.
For details concerning all these stuff please read the technical
design papers, I assume, they will be very helpful for your project. ;-)