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Re: zero-knowledge protocols

> But I still believe the vast majority of tor users is using tor for 
> legitimate purposes (like those you cited - purposes tor was intented to 
> serve)

Which is what I am looking at.

I love football [I am European, hence football means: soccer]. In football,
there is a technique in which the defenders of one team slowly, or suddenly,
push the players of the attacking side in an offside position.

I see a _similar_ technique used against tor. If with the [tenable] rationale
of tracking the pedophile, the cyber-pirate or the terrorist, the ANONYMITY
[see below] of tor is suspended [e.g., by confiscating the hard disks of a
site] here, there, and in another place depending from the good will or the
malice of the others, the purpose [of anonymity in general] is eventually

What I am talking about is a way to introduce a kind of an auditable [who
does what, where and when], cryptographic 'sudo' in tor and a way to let the
*investigators* prove convincingly that they are behind someone/some people in

> protecting their privacy [...] security.

Bruce Schneier has written an article [-> google] on tor and ANONYMITY in
contrast with "privacy" or "security"--which tor doesn't affect. (By the way,
and *ironically* so to speak, Schneier not too rarely seems to be *aphasic*
[from aphasia] on the issue of *terrorism* there where, in his books, he
reasons on the topic with the *insight* and the *understanding* of, say, a
fourteen years old ... sadly and oddly [I would expect a better ... more
courageous--see Galileo--at the least, understanding of physics and statistics
from a mathematician].)


/Roy Lanek
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