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Re: [tor-talk] endless list of scrubbed circuits

On 4/8/2011 5:35 PM, Mike Perry wrote:
Thus spake Joe Btfsplk (joebtfsplk@xxxxxxx):
Using vidalia bundle 0.2.10 / 0.2.30 w/ Torbutton 1.3.2a in Vista x64,
Firefox 4.0

There's an endless, constantly increasing list of scrubbed circuits -
like below.  It just keeps going thru them like a ticker tape.
"Apr 08 14:36:37.277 [Notice] We tried for 15 seconds to connect to
'[scrubbed]' using exit 'politkovskaja'. Retrying on a new circuit."

NOTE:  I CAN connect to some sites using Tor - so it IS working, it's
just so slow, apparently because of all the scrubbed circuits, it's of
no use for anything.

Any ideas what's causing this behavior?  I did uninstall / reinstall tor
bundle.  Have closed Tor&  browser, then restarted - no joy.
One of the things that can cause this is a set of bad guards (the
first hop in your Tor circuits). If you got unlucky and Tor picked
only slow guards, this can cause you poor performance.

You can check them out in the vidalia window by noting the first hop
in your circuits. There should only be 3 different nodes chosen for
that first hop. Note you should not post your guard list in public, as
it can be used to identify you.

If that is the issue, you can try using bridges to see if that helps,
or you could try to stop tor and wipe away your tor state file, which
will cause new guards to be chosen.

Are you saying a "bad" guards can cause an ENDLESS, rapid stream of log entries: "We tried for 15 seconds to connect to '[scrubbed]' using exit 'xxxxxxxxx'. Retrying on a new circuit"? When it is doing this (it seems) the listed speed of the 3 nodes in the 1st hop are often listed as high. Listed speed may mean nothing. If it * does * mean anything, then that isn't the only problem in my case, because they often show higher speeds. But I digress.

If we're talking about same thing, the entry guard - in Tor Network Map, 1st entry under "connection" column in L pane? When select that 1st connection, shows 3 nodes in R pane, w/ their IP address, bandwidth, etc.

Early last evening, after reinstalling Vidalia bundle again, I was able to load pages * almost as fast as w/o Tor. * (yes, I'm sure Tor was working) I tried a # of pages - all worked well. Looked at the Vidalia log - didn't see constant stream scrubbed circuits. It was still quite early & would've been lots of traffic.

Regardless of what the 1st 3 nodes look like, it *seems * when I'm able to connect to a site - at all - the behavior of an endless stream of scrubbed circuits in the log is NOT happening. When it IS happening, connecting to any site (not high traffic ones, or very slow servers) either fails or takes well > 1 min (usually more, IF at all). Usually, by then it times out. It's not the site's servers, because can stop Tor & same sites load instantly.

I've tried this on numerous sites, days & times, that I know to usually be fast w/o Tor - or w/o it. If this was the typical state / function of Tor network, no one would be using it, so I know it can't be happening to everyone on a regular basis. This is now the norm rather than exception, for me. As it is, Tor is useless for me > 90% of time (I mean it won't load pages - at ALL).

Today, checked it again & basically can't load pages at all - even though (at times) the 3 nodes in entry guard all show fairly high speeds, while still unable ot load pages. Again, at times, entry guard changes frequently. I stopped Tor, wiped the Tor state file (the "lock" file - what ever it can contain - is empty now). It did cause pages to load much faster - for now. If "bad" entry guards are the problem AND if happening to most users MOST of the time, like me, I'll need a "clear Tor state file" button addon. :-(

By design, how often does the entry guard (and the 3 nodes in it) change / get refreshed - w/ no user intervention? I've noticed at times, mine seems to change quite often - sometimes every 30 - 60 sec or so. When I AM able to load pages normally (by Tor standards), I don't think the entry guard is constantly changing, but the log definitely does not show a constant stream of scrubbed entries.

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