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Re: [tor-talk] Forget Iran- beware of US isp's

> .If I told you it might give away my location.
> Look up "major internet outage in US" for today.

Right, which is why you tell us to search it and get the
same location info.

> Interesting, fios is a last mile solution from verizon.

Not sure if that was just a 'neato' but, for those not in that
region, look at all the trenching and boxing AT&T has been
doing in residential areas. Look at what's now riding the
poles. They've been pulling fiber down the old copper paths
to the neighborhood boxes for years now. Afaik, they don't
sell it (either as ftth or with a fast dsl loop) yet, but it's there
in various areas.

Those who want symmetric speeds and fiber should
look at getting the neighborhood together to do it
yourself. It's not that pricey when you don't need profit.
And you can run tor relay families and wifi and local
filesharing all you want.

Disclaimer: I may or may not be in AT&T's service
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