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[tor-talk] Hidden Services - Intermittant connections

Seems over the course of a couple branches of Tor
that connecting to hidden services can be strange.

I often have two or more Tor's running.
One can connect to HS(a) just fine.
The other can't... but killing and restarting it
seems to always resolve the situation.
And they both might always connect to HS(b)
just fine.

I did note that this time the timestamp on
cached-descriptors.new corresponded to
when I lost HS(a). But that's probably coincidence.

And I'm running polipo.
I don't have any info regarding native FF -> socks -> tor
Everything's current.
Feels like a Tor issue as opposed to HS or local issues.
If I remember I'll try to verify with socat instead of polipo
before the kill.

An fyi perhaps.
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