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[tor-talk] We're looking for another dedicated core Tor developer

Your job would be to work on all aspects of the main Tor network daemon
and other open-source software. This would be a contractor position for
2012 (starting as soon as you're ready and with plenty of work to keep
you busy), with the possibility of 2013 and beyond.

Being a core Tor developer includes triaging, diagnosing, and fixing bugs;
looking for and resolving security issues; and working collaboratively
with coworkers and volunteers on implementing new features and protocol
changes at every stage from design to maintenance. We'd also need help
making our code more scalable, testable, and maintainable. Sometimes,
we need to drop everything and scramble to implement last-minute
anticensorship schemes, or to deploy urgent security updates. You'd also
be reviewing other people's code and designs, and looking for ways to
improve it. For an idea of the breadth and depth of the work you'd be
doing, have a look at the ChangeLog file from the Tor source distribution:

See our new jobs page for details:


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