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Re: [tor-talk] Forget Iran- beware of US isp's


On Wed, Apr 11, 2012, at 05:07 PM, BlueStar88 wrote:
> Am Wed, 11 Apr 2012 10:31:28 +0200
> schrieb Gisle Vanem <gvanem@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > "BlueStar88" <bluestar88@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > 
> > > http://www.bucksright.com/verizon-fios-internet-outage-effects-mid-atlantic-states-7233
> > 
> > If you want to argue with URLs, here is one back at you:
> >   http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/bucksright.com?src=addon-rw-viewsc
> > 
> > Web-of-Trust gives bucksright.com a low overall score. How come it was
> > blacklisted today?
> The bucksright-link was found here:
>  http://www.dailypaul.com/225701/internet-outage-this-morning-selective-blocking
> Which is a more bad source I guess. ;-)
> So a hoax at all? , you shouldn't have fear talking about your
> (huge!) access provider. Naming it wouldn't unmask anything. So, could
> you clearify this one please?

Me...fearful?  What the heck do you think I use Tor for- reading stories
about farming in Ireland?!  

The NSA is building some sort of 1 million square data collection center
in Utah to collect all electronic communication data.  No, I'm not
scared one bit.  Would all ISP search results be recorded?  Nope, not a
chance- Americans live in the "freest" country in the world.  Strip
searches and sexual assault at the airports?  Nah, they'd never do that!
 The Supreme Court deciding a few weeks ago that strip and body cavity
searches for even minor offenses is "constitutional".  Oh, that's just
for the bad people.

Operation Northwoods- the US government would never even think of doing
something like that.

Operation Mockingbird- never happened (ha, ha)

Operation Phoenix- what?!  US soldiers were fighting the commies!!!!

Kennedy shot by one guy?  Oh sure....that's exactly what happened.

Sopa & Pipa....that was just for those criminals that are stealing

So, only other governments would shut down the internet in their
countries.  The US would never be in league with ISP's to do the same

Questions are a burden to others.  Answers, a prison for oneself.

> Anyways, US based TLDs and provider controlled DNS still remain as
> weak points. Many wanted (by censoring) and unwanted (by failure)
> interruptions are caused by DNS, I'm sure. One day we need peripheral
> DNS, P2P'based or the like.
> If there was a real outage and by chance caused by any DNS
> problems, people with own resolver settings (other or own DNS) wouldn't
> even have noticed them. ;-)
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