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Re: [tor-talk] Forget Iran- beware of US isp's

Am Thu, 12 Apr 2012 14:08:41 +0200
schrieb andre76@xxxxxxxxxxx:

> > So a hoax at all? , you shouldn't have fear talking about your
> > (huge!) access provider. Naming it wouldn't unmask anything. So,
> > could you clearify this one please?
> Me...fearful?  What the heck do you think I use Tor for- reading
> stories about farming in Ireland?!  
> The NSA is building some sort of 1 million square data collection
> center in Utah to collect all electronic communication data.  No, I'm
> not scared one bit.  Would all ISP search results be recorded?  Nope,
> not a chance- Americans live in the "freest" country in the world.
> Strip searches and sexual assault at the airports?  Nah, they'd never
> do that! The Supreme Court deciding a few weeks ago that strip and
> body cavity searches for even minor offenses is "constitutional".
> Oh, that's just for the bad people.
> Operation Northwoods- the US government would never even think of
> doing something like that.
> Operation Mockingbird- never happened (ha, ha)
> Operation Phoenix- what?!  US soldiers were fighting the commies!!!!
> Kennedy shot by one guy?  Oh sure....that's exactly what happened.
> Sopa & Pipa....that was just for those criminals that are stealing
> things!!!
> So, only other governments would shut down the internet in their
> countries.  The US would never be in league with ISP's to do the same
> thing.
> Questions are a burden to others.  Answers, a prison for oneself.

No offence, but you may better pull the plug...


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