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Re: [tor-talk] Bridge Communities?

Thus spake grarpamp (grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx):

> >>> It concerns me that you [Mike Perry] refer to "we" as though you
> >>> contribute anything to the tor project.
> Mike does a good deal of fine work for the Tor project.
> And I'm happy to see the torbrowser project come in place
> with as part goal of working with Mozilla to finally upstream
> fix FF for benefit of native FF users worldwide. Much better
> long term approach than torbutton.

While I appreciate people standing up for me, there's not really much
need to defend me to a drama queen who can't be bothered to RTFM before
suggesting features, and moreover who thinks that suggesting specific
people will be murdered is the right way to contribute to a FOSS project
or ensure the prioritization of their desired features.

I mean, I had more than a few lullz patiently toying with this idiocy
waiting for the doxx to drop (so to speak), that's for sure ;).

Mike Perry

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