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Re: [tor-talk] Tor is out

18.04.2013 14:05, Roger Dingledine:
> [...]
>   o Major bugfixes (client-side privacy):
>     - When we mark a circuit as unusable for new circuits, have it
>       continue to be unusable for new circuits even if MaxCircuitDirtiness
>       is increased too much at the wrong time, or the system clock jumps
>       backwards. Fixes bug 6174; bugfix on 0.0.2pre26.

Shouldn't this say "mark a circuit as unusable for new streams"?

> [...]
>   o Minor bugfixes (syscalls):
>     - Always check the return values of functions fcntl() and
>       setsockopt(). We don't believe these are ever actually failing in
>       practice, but better safe than sorry. Also, checking these return
>       values should please analysis tools like Coverity. Patch from
>       'flupzor'. Fixes bug 8206; bugfix on all versions of Tor.

Sounds like a feature to me (since nothing was broken). Well I don't
want to put this anywhere else or start a discussion, just adding a
thought. (Since I'm writing anyway)

[many awesome changes fell victim to trimming]

Sebastian G. (bastik_tor)
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