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[tor-talk] Does Atlas support looking for bridges?


(maybe I asked that some when in the past, but I can't find it on the
list)(My mind tells me that I did, but maybe it was in "private" email

Does Atlas support looking for bridges and if so how has the search
query to be formated?

Atlas itself says "Atlas is a web application to discover Tor relays and
bridges." which is true for relays.

"The historical data of the bridges bandwidth usage is available in
graph form." It doesn't work for me.

First I require knowledge about bridges, and onionoo knows them:

Looking for (exact) nickname or hashed fingerprint (or both) returns:
"No Results found! No Tor bridges or relays matched your query :("

The backend can't handle "nickname" and returns an error.

Sure Atlas is in beta, but either it is not implemented or I'm doing
something wrong, or both.

Sebastian G. (bastik_tor)
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